How To Dress Up Your Wedding’s Dress Code

Wedding guest dress code

A dress code at weddings might feel a bit stiff to some people, but it can also be helpful to guide people about what to wear.

The Traditional Dress Codes

The line-up of common dress codes for most weddings goes like this:

Smart casual – You need to make some effort, but jeans or more informal trousers are acceptable.  For blokes it is not necessary to wear a tie but choose a nice shirt.

Cocktail – Women can wear an above the knee outfit or dressy trousers, men should wear a suit with or without a tie.

Lounge Suit – For women this usually means a dress, but not full length.  Men should wear a suit with a tie.

Formal (also knows as Black Tie Optional) – A full-length gown is required for women, and men should wear a dark suit but not necessarily a dinner suit/tuxedo.

Black Tie/White Tie – Men should wear a formal dinner suit/tuxedo with either a black or white bow tie (depending on which you specify on the invitation).  Women wear a full-length gown.

Less Traditional Dress Codes

Weddings are increasingly becoming an expression of the personality of the bride and groom so you could consider a more unusual dress code for your wedding.

Are you having a beach wedding? You could request that your guests dress in Bondi Bling.  If you are having a garden party try Hats and Heels.  If you are going for a more bohemian look try Shabby Chic.  (Remember to give people some examples of what you mean.)

If you’re after some inspiration take a look photographs of The Waterfront Function Centre’s – you may choose South Pacific as your wedding’s dress code when you see the spectacular water views from each of our reception rooms!