Tips for Running a Successful Corporate Event

Tips for Running a Successful Corporate Event

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a small business meeting for 12 people or a large presentation dinner for hundreds, the ultimate success of any event lies in the detail. A great function doesn’t plan itself, so here’s a few tips to help you execute a successful corporate event.

Define Your Event Purpose

The first step when planning an event is to think about why you’re hosting it. Whether you’re looking to engage with your clients or staff, launch a product, host a charity event or run a training workshop; before you can even begin planning details such as the date, time or venue you need to have a clear idea of your function’s aim and what you hope to achieve through holding it. Your event’s purpose will guide the rest of your planning so a clear idea is an essential first step.

Work Within Your Budget

The next step in the planning process is to start thinking about your budget. It’s not the size of your budget that will make the event a success; it is the impression that you will leave on your audience. Look at what kinds of costs will be associated with your event and how much money you’ll have to spend. Make sure to account for everything you need and keep track of all your spending as you go. The key thing to remember is that the event should address the core interests and motives of the attendees.

Schedule the Right Date and Time

Thought should go into selecting the best date and time to ensure the success of your event. In most cases this will be influenced by the type of event you’re holding – corporate functions are usually more successful if they are not close to public holidays or popular vacation times. Do some research before selecting your date, think about what the most convenient time would be for your guests and make sure your choice does not clash with any other industry events.

Keep Guests Engaged

No matter what the purpose behind your event, it’s important to ensure that you plan a function which keeps your guests engaged. Help them to get the most out of your event by exploring methods which require active participation. It’s easy for people to become unengaged when listening to someone speak or watching a long PowerPoint slide presentation, therefore it’s a great idea to ensure that your function is different and memorable.

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Choose a Venue Which Suits Your Needs

There’s a few things to keep in mind when choosing a suitable venue. Look for a venue which has the space to suit your needs and the number of guests you’ll be inviting, as you want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome. Consider if you need break out rooms or access to an outdoor space and parking is always important. Also consider what kind of food you require – make sure they have a range of catering options suitable for your function and guests’ needs. Finally consider whether you require any special equipment and if your venue has this available for hire.

Work With a Professional Function Centre

The Waterfront Function Centre has a number of spaces suitable for a wide range of corporate functions both large and small. Whether you’re organising a board or strategic planning meeting, conference, seminar, product launch, presentation night or charity dinner, the dedicated team at The Waterfront can help organise the perfect package to compliment your event.

The stunning light filled waterfront location overlooking Kogarah Bay provides a unique atmosphere for any business function. There’s a choice of breakout areas and a private outdoor terrace as well as in-room catering options and a private bar available. Each space is also equipped with the latest AV gear including data projectors and screens, cordless & lapel microphones, whiteboard, flip chart and lectern to ensure your event is professionally catered for at all times.

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