Testimonial - Kim Archibald

Hi Kellie

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the events team for a great night on Saturday.

We arrived in the afternoon to set up and were looked after by Kate who got us the 2 extra tall tables we needed as well as helping us out with a microphone. She outlined the plan for evening and made sure that we had everything we needed to set up the room.

On arrival in the evening Kate introduced me to Thomas and Dan who would be looking after us for the evening. Thomas was very diligent in finding out who were our persons with dietary needs and speaking with them personally. He also kept me informed of what was happening whenever he needed to. The other waitress was very pleasant also, I unfortunately didn't get her name.

Dan was great behind the bar joking with the ladies and helping out at the end by taking some photos for us.

The food was very good with more than enough for everyone, perhaps I am thinking it might have been too much but then that is something you can't predict sometimes.

We had a fabulous night and everyone went away very happy.

Thank you again


Kim Archibald.