The Smokin’ Hot Trend in Wedding Photography

Smoke bombs?  At a wedding?

Yes, you heard it right here – the biggest trend in wedding photography at the moment is using smoke to take unusual and evocative photographs.

Perfect for Weddings

In the right hands, a smoke bomb will add a romantic haze and dramatic plumes of smoke, creating an unusual aesthetic for you photographs. They come in a range of colours as well, so you can choose those that suit your wedding theme, your location or even your mood.

Not Just For Weddings

The colourful mist and billowing clouds are not just for weddings. You can be a bit more daring and fun with them in an engagement shoot as you don’t have the same limitations in terms of your outfits and location. Are you expecting your first baby? Smoke bombs are also perfect for maternity shoots that capture the emotion and expectation of those special months before the birth, as a pregnancy announcement or even gender reveal!

Safety First!

Smoke bombs are simple to use and relatively safe, but there are risks. Make sure your photographer knows how to handle these safely and you inform yourself about the risks. Some of the main safety points are:

  • They should only be used in outdoor areas.
  • Do not use them if anyone in the shoot suffers from asthma.
  • They can burn you if you are using hand held smoke bombs and you let them burn right to the end (in the same way a match would burn you).
  • Keep them away from your clothing. If they come into close contact with your outfit they can stain and mark the fabric.

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