Show Off Your Personality

Weddings have traditionally been just that – traditional. Unless the minister forgot the bride’s name, or the best man drank too much before his speech, your guests knew exactly what to expect.  Nice, but maybe a bit boring.

Couples are increasingly using their weddings as a means to really express themselves.  Think of it as creating a ‘brand’ as a couple.  Now it is not uncommon for personal touches to be everywhere during the ceremony and reception. From the decorations, to the ceremony, couples are taking a lot of time and effort to express their own personalities. Here are some ideas for you.


Put a framed photo of yourselves on each table at the reception, or put together a slide show that could be projected onto a wall as your guests are enjoying their meal.

Write Your Own Vows

This can be a difficult task for some, but there is nothing more personal and moving than when the bride and groom write their own vows for the ceremony.

Serve Your Favourite Food and Drinks

Do you and your bride or groom share a penchant for peanut butter?  Try including a peanut butter cheesecake on the menu.  What about creating your own signature cocktail to serve to guests, using your favourite drinks and flavours?

Put On A Stage Show

If your personality leans toward the exhibitionist side, then have fun with the entertainment at your wedding. How about staging “Bride and Groom: The Musical!” and get your guests involved in the performance?

The Waterfront Function Centre and our partners are happy to help you express your personalities at your wedding.  Our wedding suppliers, including stylists, florists, celebrants, photographers, a lolly buffet supplier and even a fireworks company!