Make Your Corporate Event Stand Out!

Hosting a stand-out corporate event is all about engaging your guests. A good mix of fun, good food and drink, stimulating ideas and a surprise or two will ensure that people will remember your event for all the right reasons.

Get Tweeting!

Create a hashtag for your event and get some conversations going online in the lead up. Encourage your guests to comment online during the function to provide a live commentary and Q&A. This will create a lot of energy as your guests will be excited by new ideas and having so much fun that they will be eager to share.

Make the Venue a Surprise

Create a sense of fun and mystery. Ask your guests to meet at a certain place and time and transport them by bus to your venue. Take photographs of their surprised faces when they arrive. Choosing a great venue of course will really set the scene and make your guests feel special. (Beautiful water views, anyone?)

Engage them with an Exciting Speaker

The best speakers will be authentic and knowledgeable, and have a good grasp on what you want to achieve at your event. A great keynote speaker will inspire and move your audience to action.  You could choose a well-known speaker or someone just coming to notice, with new stimulating ideas.

Keep the Energy Levels High

The aim is to get people smiling as soon as they arrive. Greet your guests with a red carpet and hire some “press” to photograph and interview people as they make their entrance. Usher guests straight to a wine and cheese tasting so they can try some samples before deciding exactly what they’d like to drink. Place a free photo booth with ‘dress-ups’ at the venue, hire some improvisation actors to perform, or provide some gaming consuls or pinball machines.

We love helping clients delight their guests at The Waterfront Function Centre, Sydney! Our stunning views and first-class service will wow your guests and keep them talking about your event for months to come. Let our creative team help you host your next stand-out soiree. Get in touch today /corporate-functions/.