Christening and Naming Ceremonies


For those of us who are involved in an organised religion, a christening or naming ceremony is part of continuing a tradition for our children that can stretch back generations. For the increasing number of people who don’t belong to a religious faith, ritual and celebration can still play a valuable role. Both religious and non-religious naming ceremonies are meaningful celebrations to welcome a new baby into the fold.

Naming Ceremonies

There are many sites that cater to ideas for Naming Ceremonies. Do your research and get to know what is required to organise. You could engage the services of a celebrant, have the grandparents or another close family member do the honours, or you as parents could be the ones to publicly name and welcome your child into your family.

Christenings and Blessings

A traditional christening service is usually held in a church and conducted by a priest or minister.  Another option is to hold a blessing if you would like to acknowledge your religious faith, but also want your child to make their own decision being christened when they are older.

Choosing Godparents

Godparents can be a wonderful support for your child as they grow up. In the Christian tradition godparents have been people who could help guide a child’s faith.

If you are having a naming ceremony without any religious rites that doesn’t mean you can’t ask some friends to commit to playing a special role in your child’s life. You could choose another terms for this relationship – such as ‘guardian’, ‘guide parents’ or ‘mentors’ – or just stick to godparent.

What ever you decide to do about naming or christening your child, The Waterfront Functions Centre is the perfect place to hold a celebration to mark the occasion and show your bundle of joy off to your family and friends.  Our reception rooms can accommodate anything from an intimate family affair to a big shindig.

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