Celebration of Life

The loss of a loved one is always a deeply sad time.  It can also often be a surprisingly busy and overwhelming time.  It can be a difficult thing for the bereaved to organise a fitting celebration of their loved one’s life without some help.

Here at the Waterfront Function Centre we not only host celebrations that are about beginnings, we are also privileged to organise celebrations that mark the end of a life.

Let Us Help You Organise A Celebration of Life

At The Waterfront Function Centre Sydney we can take the worry out of your hands.  Our team are experienced at sensitively helping grieving families and friends organise fitting celebrations of life for their loved ones. We can fit in with any wishes that you have and advise you on how to mark the passing of your loved one.

Creating a Unique Memorial

One of the most healing aspects of hosting a celebration of life is sharing the memories that you and your friends and relatives have of the person you have lost.  We have found that displaying personal items and photographs of your loved one is something that brings people together and encourages them to talk about their memories.

Other ways to honour and remember your loved one are playing their favourite music, serving their favourite food and drink, providing bowls of their favourite sweets, and decorating the room with their favourite flowers.

Gathering Stories and Memories

A celebration of life is a wonderful opportunity to record people’s favourite memories of your loved one.  You could provide people with note cards to write down something that they particularly loved about their friend, or provide a book for people to write in and even ask people to bring along their own photographs to share.

A Fitting Farewell

The Waterfront Function Centre Sydney has a selection of beautiful reception rooms, all with spectacular water views.   Visit our website to view photographs of our rooms, and contact us directly to discuss how we can help you organise a fitting farewell and celebration of life for your loved one.