Show Off Your Personality

Weddings have traditionally been just that – traditional. Unless the minister forgot the bride’s name, or the best man drank too much before his speech, your guests knew exactly what to expect.  Nice, but maybe a bit boring. Couples are increasingly using their weddings as a means to really express themselves.  Think of it as … Continue reading Show Off Your Personality

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How To Dress Up Your Wedding’s Dress Code

A dress code at weddings might feel a bit stiff to some people, but it can also be helpful to guide people about what to wear. The Traditional Dress Codes The line-up of common dress codes for most weddings goes like this: Smart casual – You need to make some effort, but jeans or more … Continue reading How To Dress Up Your Wedding’s Dress Code

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Wedding Venue Checklist

When you are deciding where to hold your wedding, it’s really important to be clear about what you’re looking for and what you will need from the venue. This might seem like obvious advice, but it’s essential to make an appointment to go to the venue see it for yourself and discuss your wedding needs … Continue reading Wedding Venue Checklist

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